The Best Gift

Gifts can come wrapped in a variety of ways. Maybe it’s a little turquoise box tied with a white ribbon, or a giant box wrapped in comic strip newsprint, or even a sweet gift bag with tissue popping out the top. The sky is the limit when it comes to the method of delivery and today our “gift” was not wrapped at all, but hand delivered on a piece of paper saying Andy’s ANC and platelets were high enough for him to start Maintenance!

All systems ready for Maintenance!

It was a shocker to us to say the least. Last Thursday, Andy needed another AT3 infusion and his ANC was 20 (tho the manual count indicated it was a bit higher 160 that day) and his platelets were 67, but low and behold, today his ANC was 820 (manual was 920) and platelets were 173 – crazy!  He needed his ANC to be 750 and platelets to be 75 to go forth, so he passed with pretty good measure. Obviously his body was on the rebound and the labs last Thursday were just the tail end of the low numbers. So as an early Christmas present, Andy started Maintenance with a back poke of Methotrexate and a squirt of Vincristine in his port and will be on various oral medicines throughout the month.  I need a scorecard to keep track of the medicine schedule, but thankfully his nurse today made me a calendar so I don’t goof up.  He also got another dose of AT3 today.  I was hopeful it would be his last, but I just heard from his doctor and his level was still at 30 which is too low so he’ll have labs drawn to check it on Thursday to see if he needs one more dose. He also is up 2 lbs from Thursday, which was great news.  I think the weight gain is more a product of his appetite returning now that the chemo is finally out of his system rather than the appetite stimulant that was prescribed to him last Thursday in response to him reaching an all time low weight of 57 lbs.  I’m sure between the Prednisone that he started today (it goes for five days) and all the rich holiday foods he’ll be around, that we won’t have too much trouble packing on some pounds.

First day of Maintenance – woo hoo!

He’s doing well tonight and is happy as a clam. He’s bouncing around just dying to open Christmas presents, aren’t all kids on Christmas Eve? And while it would seem that Andy starting Maintenance today is the best gift ever, it really isn’t (tho it’s right close to the top). The best gift ever is God sending his son, Jesus, to bridge the gap between God and man. Coming to save all of mankind from our sins if we just simply ask Him into our heart and life. Tomorrow my family will celebrate this very special birth. I’m so very thankful for this precious birth so I can have a personal relationship with God and live in Heaven for eternity. If you don’t know the Christmas story, I urge you to read Luke 2:1-20 in any Holy Bible.  May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

Bald really is beautiful!

“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” ~ Isaiah 9:6

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15 Responses to The Best Gift

  1. kim says:

    Ok, teared up at what you wrote of Jesus as our gift…completely lost it at the last picture. Luckily my family is gone and not wondering why I’m blubbering while looking at the computer. Andy we all love you so very much and frankly this is just about the best present any of us praying for you could get. Merry Christmas my dear friends and much love, little drama, and fewer Portland trips for the new year!

  2. Grammie says:

    Aunt Jenny typing here; with Mom, Dad, and Great Aunt Donna~ all so joyful with tearful smiles! Yes, we are all celebrating maintenance and our Savior’s Birth~ blessings to you dear family, looking so forward to spending the day with all of you and continuing the celebration of Jesus, family, and maintenance!!

  3. Jill B. says:

    What a wonderful Christmas gift. I held it together until I got to those last two pictures. Those are just beautiful. I can’t wait to tell Keegan the great news in the morning! He and his little brother have been faithfully praying for Andy! We celebrate your victory in reaching maintenance! Great job Andy!

  4. Sheila Speck says:

    What a great Christmas present for all. Maintenance! May God bless you and your family at this blessed birth of Jesus.<3

  5. Yvonne & Robert says:

    Well done Andy !!!!! We are so thrilled you have reached maintenance!
    Merry Christmas !!!
    Sending love and hugs to you and your wonderful family, from Brisbane, Australia :)

  6. Rena says:

    This just made my Christmas merrier!!! Praise the Lord and yeah for good news. Love and Hugs:)

  7. Diana says:

    We give Him praise for seeing Andy through this year and praise in advance for his final victory! Our faith in Jesus gives us His victory! Amen!

  8. Maxine Rodman says:

    What wonderful news. God is so good, never leaving us but always abiding during the good and bad times. Thank you Jesus for the healing that is happening in dear Andy’s body and for the strenth you have given this wonderful family to keep on keeping on. May God continue to bless and hold you close each and every day. Merry Christmas, Maxine

  9. Grandma Fanony says:

    This will be a very special Christmas for hearing of Andy on the way to getting better every day!!!

  10. Mandi says:

    This makes me happy!

  11. Joan Fifer says:

    It was really good news. We enjoyed talking to you at Safeway and getting a first hand account of how things were going. Your faith is a light for all of us.
    Joan and Bob

  12. Christine Juntunen says:

    What great news! We rejoice with you and the progress Andy is making. God is so good and I know He is giving you strength every day. So glad you could get the news at this wonderful time of year. And thank you for reminding us of the best news that we could ever receive….Jesus coming to save this world. We are so blessed! Much love!Christine

  13. Debbie Brotzge says:

    Haven’t checked my email for four days, so I was so excited to read this today!!! You are right, Missy: The best gift EVER for you guys. I am so joyful for you.
    Love you dearly,

  14. Molly says:

    Love to hear this fabulous news!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, here’s to a joyful 2013. Love you guys!

  15. Jan Mercer says:

    you are blessed, I love the pic’s~

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